Korfball is the only mixed team sport. It originated in the Netherlands, at the beginning of the twentieth century. Amsterdam teacher, Nico Broekhuysen, devised this game to all students in his class, regardless of sex, it could equally participate. The game quickly gained popularity in its homeland, but also in surrounding countries, so that korfball, as a demonstration sport, was represented at the 1920 Summer Olympics in Antwerp, and 1928th in Amsterdam. In Belgium, the 1933rd was formed korfball International Federation (The International Korfball Federation), whose main goal is to expand korfball all meridians. This global organization provides its members with financial, material and structural support and is most responsible for what is korfball now plays in over forty countries on all continents.
Korfball International Federation was officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee, and korfball of the 1985th regularly represented at the World Games.
Korfball World Championships are held every four years, and only two teams had the honor to be up on winning throne. The Netherlands is six times a world champion, and Belgium once.
Korfball play in the open or closed field whith dimensions of 40m x 20m. The terrain is divided into two halves, which are called zones. In both zones there is a pillar, 3.5 m high, on top of which is basket. Pillar is set to 2 / 3 the distance between the lines, which marks the center of the field and the line that represents the end zone. The game involved two teams, consisting of eight players. Each team in both zones have two men and two women (defense and attack). Points are obtained by inserting the ball through the opponent's team, cart. After every two points, the players from the stage of attack and defense players from changing their place. The game lasts 60 minutes, and at half time the teams change sides.

Korfball is a team sport. Individual quality is of crucial importance, but it comes to the light only through teamwork. It is forbidden to run with the ball and dribbling. The player who receives the ball  is obliged to stop the ball and pass it to his teammate or throw to the basket.
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